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Minibus and Coach Hire Prices – Coach Hire Newport

A lot of people travelling in groups are lately seeing the importance of hiring minibusses and travelling in groups. It is cheaper, convenient, and safe. It is hard to imagine you and your friends hiring individual buses or coaches to ferry you to the same location as such an exercise may end up being expensive. It could also inconvenience all of you as each will arrive at the destination at their own pace thereby delaying the meeting as you have to wait for the rest to arrive. Coupled with this, a majority of travellers do not understand the reason as to why ticket prices keep on fluctuating constantly. We at Coach Hire Newport can explain to you how minibus and coach hire pricing works.

How minibus pricing works

To understand the reason as to why coach or minibus tickets tend to be priced slightly higher during peak season, one needs to understand the basic principle of supply and demand. In simple terms, the law of supply and demand state that if there is an excess of supply of goods and services in the market, prices get to be lowered for purposes of attracting customers and making sales. If the supply and demand are limited, prices tend to go up as people compete for limited resources. If you happen to book your tickets when schools are closed, and everybody is travelling for Christmas or any other holiday, you will be charged higher as opposed to travelling in off-peak seasons.

Book early for the best rates

To beat or avoid being charged highly when travelling during peak seasons, it would be better if you booked your tickets early when prices are still low. We at Coach Hire Newport have an excellent booking system with a lot of discounts in place if you book your tickets early.


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