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Do you need to spend the weekend out with your family or friends in Newport and its surroundings? Are you and your workmates planning to go for a team building exercise? Do you need to commute from point A to point B in Newport and its surroundings but are wondering which is the cheapest and most convenient means of transportation to use? Then look no further than coach hire Newport. Here is what you are guaranteed.


Everybody wants to get to their destination safely. One of the main advantages of using coach hire Newport is that our drivers uphold the highest standards of safety procedures to ensure our customers reach their destination safely. Furthermore, our minibuses undergo regular inspection checks to ensure they are safe and roadworthy.


At coach hire Newport, we understand that time is of prime importance. This is why we have employed highly experienced and professional drivers who are familiar with Newport and its surroundings. This means that you will need not worry anymore about getting lost or arriving late to your destination.


Our state of the class minibuses are comfortable and ensure an enjoyable and unique travelling experience. Our minibuses are very spacious and we also have enough room for standard size luggage. Furthermore, our minibuses are fitted with ample lighting and air conditioning systems to make it comfortable even for night travel.


One of the main advantages of hiring our minibuses is that they are reasonably priced. By opting to hire a minibus you will be saving much on fuel, parking fees and maintenance. Furthermore, we have a flexible fleet in that if one fails, we can provide another minibus.

Unique and enjoyable experience

Traveling together also presents a chance for you and your family or friends to bond together. Newport is known for its beautiful scenery which provides unique sightseeing opportunities for your entourage.


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